About EE Concierge

The way engineers build hardware needs an update.
We create the parts so that you don't have to.

Why We're Here

EE Concierge was created by the team that built Upverter.

In the fall of 2015 we began an experiment within the Upverter editor to make sure that every single part a user ever needed, every part they ever searched for, and every part they ever used existed in the Upverter parts library. That experiment grew and evolved and became this product: EE Concierge.

It turns out that most engineers hate making parts. We built EE Concierge for the engineers that don't want to make parts, but can't or don't want to switch to Upverter; engineers that have better things to do than make parts or learn a new EDA tool, engineers that can't afford to have manufacturing errors because they made parts themselves. Currently we support the Altium, Eagle, and Upverter EDA tools with Cadence and more coming soon.