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ECAD Format
Upverter part created in EE Concierge
Altium part created in EE Concierge

Example Libraries

EE Concierge allows you to download your components in the native file format of your EDA tool. You can download and use the example libraries for free. If the part you need is not provided in the example library, give our parts concierge a try and we'll create it for you! All new accounts come with $150 concierge credit for a limited time so you can make a few free requests.

"Knowing that a part is approved by the concierge provides peace of mind, and allows me to get a product out the door to our customers sooner."

- Logan Poe, LightEmUp Band

"With [EE Concierge], I save time knowing that verified parts have schematics that follow the appropriate standards and footprints that match the data sheets. Way to go [EE Concierge]!"

- Duane Homick, GymNext

"I have great confidence in the footprints [EE Concierge] makes."

- Andrea Dukeshire, Ambyint Inc.

Comprehensive Style Guide

EE Concierge uses a comprehensive style guide to ensure consistent quality. It is the basis for all the symbols, footprints, and 3D models we work on. You can review The Style Guide here to understand what an EE Concierge component will contain. You can also download the free example libraries to see our work in action.

Component footprint stamped with verified classification
Datasheet mockup

Style Guide Customization

There are many different electrical engineering workflows, processes, styles and preferences and we know yours might be a little different than ours. EE Concierge has been designed to allow you to customize the style guide we use when making your parts. That way every part you get from us fits seamlessly into your existing internal processes and libraries. To help you customize your style guide we created the style guide customization wizard allowing you to easily help us create parts exactly how you want them made.

Sign up now for $150 in part requests*

* For a limited time only.

3D Models

All components ordered through the parts concierge come with 3D models included. For the EDA formats that allow it, we attach your 3D model directly into the PCB footprint. For non-3D formats, like Eagle, the models are provided as STEP files with their origins zeroed to match the PCB footprint origin. That way they can be easily used in any mechanical engineering tool, and simply placed in the mechanical model at the component origin when making a 3D model of your PCB.

Sign up now for $150 in part requests*

* For a limited time only.

3d board model


EE Concierge is pay-per-part, and there are no subscriptions. You only get charged for the parts you request. Every part is a little different, and so we use complexity based pricing. Simple resistors are easier to make and verify in comparison to big complicated BGAs or non-standard connectors. The more complicated a part, the more you pay. The simpler a part, the less you pay.

For more information on component pricing, visit the pricing page.

* For a limited time only.

Resistor, standard part, and BGA footprints, in order from cheapest to most expensive

On Semiconductor MMBT4401LT3G

Switching Transistor - NPN Silicon
3 Pins
SOT23 Package

Altium Eagle

InvenSense ICS-43434

Multi‐Mode Microphone with I2C Digital Output

6 Pins
SMT Module

Altium Eagle